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Kimono "I want to wear it" but "I can't wear it"

About 100 years ago, Japanese immigrants to Hawaii used kimonos to make shirts.

At that time, Kiryu, a small town with a population of only 40,000, boasted the world's largest silk export volume.

KIRYU ALOHA uses antique and vintage kimonos that are close to those of the time.

The unique colors and patterns have been reborn as Aloha shirts.

We propose a new form that will pass on the Japanese kimono culture that once fascinated the world to future generations.

Now on sale at the "Lanai TRANSIT HAWAII" shop on the 4th floor of Haneda Airport Passenger Terminal 1

  • What is KIRYU ALOHA?

    Before the establishment of KIRYU ALOHA

    brand story

    Representative Kumakiri introduces.

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  • KIRYU ALOHA's commitment

    Sewing, fabric, buttons, etc.
    Introducing the unique features of KIRYU ALOHA

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  • Aloha shirt history

    About 100 years ago, people who immigrated to Hawaii used Japanese kimono fabrics.

    I made a shirt.

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  • Weaving capital, Kiryu

    "Nishijin to the west, Kiryu to the east"

    Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture, a textile production area called

    Kiryu, the weaving capital said to be 1300 years old

    Let me introduce you to the history.

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